Course description

Whether you are an applicant to Drama School,  already working in the Theatre Industry, wanting to expand your knowledge of Shakespeare and/or performance or just wanting to work in a focused, energetic and fun-filled group with master craft-persons at the helm, this week long course is set to meet your needs.

Participants will work in a variety of disciplines with expert leadership in each one. The numbers are limited to ensure a personal experience and to maximise benefits from the sessions. There will be an opportunity for some one-to-one coaching which is particularly useful for help with auditions.

Scenes from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and King Lear will be chosen, culminating with a presentation to an invited audience. Workshops will follow  but not be limited by, the following themes;

  • How to find “The world of the play” Searching for a modern and psychological context which makes a scene comprehensible to the people of today

  • How to speak verse

  • How to stage a scene with limited resources

  • Use of the voice and breath control

  • Integrating movement

  • Discussions

  • Aspects of other elements in theatre production 

As the performance space lends itself to theatre as Shakespeare would have known it, this Summer School is set to be an inspiring, explorative and surprising adventure into the mind and work of our Great Bard.