The Shakespeare Summer School. 

Victoria Thompson was the  driver to make it happen. Hand picking the team and venue for the second annual summer school became her pleasure and determined project in her final months.

Victoria  was a woman who believed in the power of theatre, words, education and action and this year's summer school is dedicated in her memory.

Victoria had been involved with theatre for over sixty years,  acting,  teaching and directing. Settling in Lewes, East Sussex she became the artistic director of Lewes Little  Theatre for 5yrs and then initiated and became one of the board of directors for The Players Collective. The collective was a local group of amateur and theatre professionals joining forces in making and touring profit share productions.

Victoria believed that Fitzroy house would be a fitting space for the second annual summer school, following the success of the first summer school in Seaford Little Theatre last year. The Fitzroy venue symbolises a new cutting edge, energised space for innovation. Without doubt something she held very close to her heart.